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Good tips – Get your car ready for frost and winter

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It is not uncommon for different car parts to freeze during the cold winter months. Therefore, frozen car doors and car locks are recurring problems for many car owners. We’ve gathered several good tips below that can help you get your car intact through the winter in this article.

Frozen car door:

A silicone pin can often prevent the worst problems with frozen car doors. If the rubber strips around the car door are dry, the freezing temperatures can cause the rubber to freeze together with the metal on the door. You can avoid this by lubricating the rubber seals with a silicone pin. This makes the rubber strips softer and makes them easier to let go of the roof in the door. Of course, you can avoid a frozen trunk with the same method.

Frozen car lock:

If your car lock is frozen and you can’t unlock the door, there are many different tricks you can resort to:

For example, heat the key with a lighter – be careful not to melt any plastic on the key. The heated key can often solve the problem.

Alternatively, you can hold something warm-up against the lock to thaw it. For example, you can fill a bag with warm water (and put the bag in a sock or similar to avoid condensation) and then hold the bag up against the lock until it has thawed.

If you want to prevent the problem, you can buy a small plastic bottle of graphite (which can often be bought in both supermarkets and at gas stations) and spray the graphite into the lock. This acts both as lubrication and prevents ice formation. This must, of course, be done before the frost hits.

Ice on the Pane:

Suppose you don’t have sufficient visibility from your car due to a lot of snowfall. In that case, you can get a conditional revocation of your driving license, so it is important to remove as much snow and ice from the windscreen as possible. The area of the windscreen that the wipers cover must be free of ice, snow, and slush.

Here, of course, an ice scraper is the obvious solution. To protect the windscreen as much as possible, it is recommended to purchase a scraper with a sharp Plexiglas’s blade, and remember to only drive in one direction on the windscreen – this will reduce the risk of scratches.

There may be some dubious advice among motorists – for example; some people recommend pouring hot water on the car to thaw it. This can end up really unfortunate as there can be a voltage difference in the pane, which can cause it to crack.

You can also invest in an ice remover spray, making it easier to remove ice from the pane.

And last but not least, remember to use antifreeze.


Foggy windows:

One of the best ways to avoid interior fog is to make the car as dry as possible inside. Small objects, such as a newspaper or cloth, can retain moisture and cause internal dew, so be sure to remove these objects.

Other factors that can cause dew can be a blocked pollen filter or that the ventilation system is set for recirculation.

If the car is first sprayed on, you can use an anti-fog spray or anti-fog cloth. Alternatively, a coat of internal polishing with a little concentrated detergent can often solve the problem. You can also use the car’s air conditioner to defrost the car windows.

Car heater – Diesel or oil burner in the car:

If you want to be completely free from scraping snow and ice off the windows, investing in a car heater is possible.

The car heater can usually be set to start at a certain time, e.g., half an hour before you have to leave, thereby making sure that any. Snow or ice is gone when you go out and drive. In addition, it is, of course, more comfortable to get out of a heated car.

Moreover, to increasing comfort, and engine heater also has an environmental benefit and reduces wear and tear, as it wears more on a cold engine than a warm one.

The car battery dies in frost:

If your car battery is not brand new, it may lose capacity as the temperature drops. The battery can lose up to 50% in capacity in severe frost. Roadside assistance is therefore often particularly busy during the winter months. If you do not want to be part of that statistic, fortunately, there are various options you can take advantage of.

A heated garage can help a bit as it can be harder for the battery to start if the car has been parked on the street at night.

If your car battery is a few years old, you can choose to have the battery’s charge condition checked before the frost hits.

It is also recommended to get a home charger. If you charge the battery at home in the garage, you can extend its life and avoid a visit to the workshop or, in the worst case, a call to the roadside assistance.

If your car is jammed due to cold or facing a problem in car ignition at an armpit place, contact us. At Locksmith Tampa, our competent auto Locksmith team in Wesley Chapel will provide you with blown away services and do everything to get you back on the road.

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