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How does a mortise lock work?

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Have you ever wondered how a mortise lock works? Or do you not even know what a mortise lock is? In our blog, we explain everything you want to know about mortise locks and how they help to secure your home or business premises. Are you looking for a professional Locksmith to place or replace mortise locks? Contact Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay. Our expert Locksmiths have state-of-art equipment and up-to-date knowledge to meet your needs regarding Locks and keys.

What is a mortise lock?

A mortise lock is a type of cylinder lock that is very common for closing interior doors, front doors, and back doors. We incorporate the lock into the door on the front side so that it closes on the inside of the door frame. Then we mill a hole in the door where we fasten the lock. The lock contains a regular cylinder lock and therefore opens or closes by turning the key in the cylinder.

A mortise lock is the most commonly used door lock of all types of locks. These locks owe their name to the fact that you insert them into the milled part on the front side of the door. The benefit of a mortise lock is that it cannot be seen on the outside of the door. So you don’t have to bother with a door lock but can enjoy other door fittings.

We’re happy to explain more about these door locks so that you know exactly which type to mount on your door.

Install or Replace Mortise Lock

Do you want to have a mortise lock installed or replaced? Then we recommend that you have this done by a specialized locksmith. A mortise lock is mainly placed in blunt and wooden doors and requires knowledge and craftsmanship. In addition, a locksmith can provide extra security for the door by placing a striker plate or extra security fittings. It is also important that the accurate type and size of lock is used to guarantee security.

Narrow Mortise Lock

In addition to the regular mortise lock, there is a narrow mortise lock. This lock has a shallow and higher lock case, which makes it easy to place on metal or plastic doors. A narrow mortise lock is required for doors made of these materials, as they often have a rebate. Even with a narrow mortise lock, it is very important to choose the right size because a small deviation can ensure that the lock is not reliable. Our locksmiths are happy to help you place the right type of lock for your door.

Various applications for the use of mortise locks

We can use mortise lock for various applications. You can choose to use a mortise lock as the main lock of a front door, as an additional lock, or as a multi-point lock. Mortise locks are mainly used in wooden doors. Blunt doors are doors that have no protruding edges and fall entirely into the frame.

Mortise locks and security

Mortise locks are generally placed on interior doors. One of the main reasons this type of door lock is used to a lesser extent as a front door lock is that a mortise lock only secures the door in one place. If a mortise lock is chosen, this is often in combination with an extra side lock. As an alternative, a multi-point lock is regularly chosen for a front door lock so that the outer door is locked in several places. It provides burglar resistance and makes your home safer. That is always a wise choice when you mount the locks on an outside door!

Need Help to Insert Locks

Do you need help choosing the most suitable lock for your home or business premises? Contact us. We would be happy to visit you to place the locks or to provide burglary prevention advice. You can reach us via our contact form. Do you need a locksmith quickly? Get in touch with our emergency service, and we’ll be on-site within a few minutes.

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