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How to replace your Car’s Key Fob?

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Today’s car keys are used for more than just opening the car. A modern key usually has a chip (transponder) that allows it to perform different functions:

  • Starting the engine
  • Unlocking the steering wheel
  • Activating the fuel injection system
  • Opening and closing the windows and doors
  • Even activating and customizing some related functions
  • Vehicle comfort.

All this is part of a complete security system with coded technology. It was born out of the need to protect vehicles against theft. Because, in the late ’90s, car “theft” was on the rise, and loud alarms weren’t as effective as protection against theft.

With this new system, car keys have become a valuable element that must be taken care of since they have a chip or transponder incorporated in the head. When the key makes contact with the switch, a signal is transmitted between the two. “The computer issues the question, and the transponder answers with the car code. If there is no answer or it is incorrect, the engine will not start”.

In this way, a thief can’t start the vehicle since he will not be able to start it without having the corresponding key.

But with so much technology, there are also some drawbacks since if the chip stops working or is not well encoded with the car model in question, it will not start. The same happens in the case of loss of the key.

Ways to replace the car key fob

It was believed that when it became necessary to make a copy or replace a car key fob, the only one who had the codes for each vehicle was the manufacturer of the same. In this way, performing any of these procedures became a much more complicated and expensive task than it really is. However, this belief was left without basis because various Locksmiths can efficiently replace and reprogram key fob.  They can make identical copies of any type and for almost all vehicle brands, with their chip included without adversely altering the car’s computer.

There are special tools, which are not used solely and exclusively in dealerships.  It “allows you to program blank chips according to the codes of each car using the PIN or the reading of the car’s computer with a suitable interface. That communicates internally without the operator having access to the information for the safety of the vehicle owner.”

How do you do a password change of this type?

Locksmiths use specialized machines to duplicate or make a key change for car keys. These generate the key chip code connecting to the car if the owner does not have the other key and when the transponder is encrypted or dynamic (it changes automatically when the car is turned off and the key is removed). They also duplicate the transponder code in the keys without connecting to the car in cases where the owner has another key, and the chip is fixed (does not change).

If you want to replace your car key fob, no need to tow your car to the dealer. Our Locksmiths in Wesley Chapel can replace, repair, and reprogram each make and model of car. We assure you that our car key replacement services will not put a dent in your budget.

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