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Is Will having an additional lock on my armored door improve its security?

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We will explain this issue well for our readers’ interest to avoid economic investments that do not provide greater security. Of course, suppose we have decided to have an armored door. In that case, hopefully, it will cross your mind that installing a second lock or invisible locks is a viable option to achieve maximum security and protection.

We will deal with some points so that you can understand them better. What is true about this idea?

Does it really increase safety from a technical point of view, or does it just make us feel more at ease?

A complimentary lock is perfectly installable on a security door. However, we have proven good functionality if our main lock is secure. In addition to the armored door, it lacks faults that can serve as an access point and has a good fastening. It is not necessary or recommended to add a second lock.

Would it be a better option to choose a bolt as an added security for the armored door?

Considering that armored doors are generally designed to be hollow inside, installing a deadbolt is not recommended. It will offer the same security as the main lock since the screws don’t have a real and stable anchor, as they provide when placed in a solid door. We’ll find a badly placed bolt with it, which will not offer greater resistance to an attempted robbery.

In the best case, the deadbolt could be secured by two screws to the metal plate of the door, but it again provides little stability. Let’s think that a burglar specialized in locks is a person with experience in this field. If he encounters an armored door, the bolt is not a security measure that will prevent him from entering the house once the door is forced.

The best thing is to discard viable access points in the home in the same way a person dedicated to robbing would reason. If we already have a reinforced door, the anchors are of high quality and resistance. It would be better to address other possible access points: windows, secondary doors, exterior trellis, etc.

Recommendation of our locksmiths when betting on another complementary lock.

Thieves painstakingly analyze access to buildings, so the presence of a well-installed armored door will cause them to rethink the access point. Perhaps the windows are the weakest link in the chain. Verifying their security and accessibility will be more useful than betting on another complementary lock on your door.

If you still feel you should reinforce the entrance, you can replace your armored door with an armored one, making access more difficult. So that you can feel confident about the choice that best suits your case, ask a Cheap Locksmith  Tampa for advice. Professional Locksmith will give you the best solutions based on spending and not your specific needs. This is the biggest difference with locksmiths who are not true professionals in the sector. Keep it in mind.

If you’re a trusted locksmith in Tampa or its suburbs, consult them and ask for a recommendation before buying a product. They may not offer you the solution you are looking for but also give you good installation services.

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