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Surprising tips for extracting a broken key

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The key has broken off in the lock of your door. There you are with two options. You follow one or more tips to get in or out yourself. Or you can call our professional Locksmith directly, who will open the door in no time. Prefer the tips first? Fine, but keep in mind that removing a broken key yourself is really a lot of patience!

Key broken in the door lock? 9 tips!

Your key is broken in the lock. And now the door can’t open. We’re happy to help you back inside with these nine tips. And you may have tools that you can use to remove the key from the lock. Are you outside? Then the do-it-yourself becomes a bit more difficult without resources. Then, you can rely on us for your problems.

Tip 1. Use a pin, needle, or paper clip

You want to push the leftover piece of key out of the lock. Fine, but with what? A thin, long, hard object will come in handy. It can be tried with a pin, needle, or straightened paper clip.

Note: this only works if the piece of key is straight in the lock or is not attached to a key ring.

Tip 2. Remove the key with a pair of pliers

Maybe the broken key sticks out a bit from the lock. You can remove this with a pair of pliers if you have one. Do you hold the piece of key? Then pull it very carefully. Otherwise, it may break even further. Also, be cautious not to push the broken piece of the key into the lock anymore.

Tip 3. Remove the key with tweezers or small scissors

No pincers, but tweezers or small scissors with sharp points at hand? These two ‘tools’ also sometimes offer a solution if the broken key still sticks out a little bit from the lock. It is admittedly some tinkering, but who knows, you might be successful.

Tip 4. Use a jigsaw with a broken key

You can also use a separate jigsaw to remove a broken key from a lock. You put this in the lock and try to get the key loose with the teeth of the saw. Be careful that the saw does not snag.

Tip 5. Remove broken key with key remover

Well, a special key remover, the kind that is also used by professionals. If you know how to do it, you can remove the broken piece of key from the lock fairly and quickly.

Tip 6. Remove a broken key from the lock with a magnet

Does this tip really work? Professionals are already questioning this. Remove the broken key from the lock with a strong magnet. However, the question is: do you have such a strong magnet? And is the key magnetic?

Tip 7. Remove broken key with superglue

You put some superglue on the broken key and put it back in the lock. You wait ten minutes and then slowly pull the key back. Hoping that the broken piece has attached itself to it. Does this work? You can question that. In addition, there is a chance that the key will remain in the lock, and that cannot be repaired.

Tip 8. Use a screwdriver for door hinges

It is a somewhat extreme tip. You only apply that tip when there are no other options: you tap out the pins from the door hinges with a screwdriver.

Big disadvantage: your door is always damaged in this way. Which do you prefer: a new key, a new lock, or a completely new door? Prices vary per option.

Tip 9. Tap in a window

If you don’t have access to tools to remove a broken key from a lock, you can tap a window. It may already be clear to you that there are disadvantages to this: it is dangerous, you will pay costs for a new window, and people may mistake you for a burglar. And the latter means even more hassle. Well, it’s better to call Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay. It ultimately saves your time and a lot of stress.

Removing a broken key: the very best tip

Of course, the above tips offer no guarantee to remove a broken key from a lock. In fact, you might damage the lock to such an extent that it needs to be replaced in addition to the key. At Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay, you’ll quickly find a Locksmith who is active in your place of residence. Call our number, and he’ll ensure that he is on-site as soon as possible.

We consider service and customer-friendliness to be of paramount importance. With the assistance of our skilled Locksmiths, you’ll be back in the house in no time. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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