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Checklist: tips to secure your commercial property while you’re away

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Have you closed your business due to COVID 19? Are all employees absent or working from home? Now is the time to take security measures to protect your vacant property.

With periodic lockdown restrictions, business closures, vacancies, and rising employment levels are a panic time for everyone. This is a great ordeal for many people, especially real estate managers and business people. Government guidelines are constantly changing, and the best practices for protecting computers, businesses, and consumers are not easy to follow.

Today, more and more organizations are taking measures to protect their people and goods. Especially now that government measures for temporary closure and social distancing are extended. We want to help you as much as possible. That’s why we’ve created a checklist of 10 simple tips to make sure your business is safe when you’re away:

1.   Test your alarm system at the emergency center

Alarm systems are sometimes ignored while they should be right at the top of your to-do list. Every entrepreneur must check alarm systems to ensure the safety of their enterprise.

2.   Update your contact list

Like alarm systems, most of us also forget about the contact list. It is essential to revamp your contact list, especially when you’re thinking of many changes in the organization, like in this pandemic. If something happens, the emergency center operator must know who to contact within the company. It helps to make the right decision depending on the type of alarm/incident.

Pass on all (possibly changed) details to your employees via the standard communication channels or notifications

Communication is vital at every level and moment during this changing work environment. Remember to inform your employees about the company’s steps to secure people and goods.

3.   Check your cameras

Are your cameras specifically aimed at the zones that you find important? Are the cameras correctly connected to the video management software (VMS) or the network video recorder (NVR)? When was the last update of the camera firmware? Are you not sure how to handle this? Now is the time to contact your security specialist or Professional Locksmith to take the required action.

Security cameras and CCTV cameras play an integral part in the security of your enterprise. Surveillance cameras deter thieve from entering your premises and give you peace of mind. Besides, it also helps you monitor your work regularly while you’re away from your office.

4.   Check your VMS or NVR recording choices.

In some cases, you may consider adjusting several things regarding recording settings. If storage time becomes critical, consider adjustments that allow more storage capacity. Controlling the remote functionalities is also mandatory because you can be absent longer. Have you not yet used these functionalities? What you’re waiting for? Start it now.

5.   Update the access rights for the employees

Many companies encourage social distancing by encouraging employees to work from home. Ensure that the access rights are correctly adjusted in the management software of the Access Control System. And, of course, it is important to inform your workers of any changes to their access rights.

Use your visitor management system to screen people entering the building. It will help you to save your premises from intruders.

Organizations that have a visitor management kiosk can add the following queries as part of a specific screening approach:

  • Do you currently have a fever, cough, or breathing difficulties?
  • Have you recently been in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus?

Adding these inquiries to your visitor management system can give you an extra level of insight. Combined with efficient access control, this can actually mitigate health, safety, and security risks.

6.   Plan when the spaces are empty

Will your business be closed for some time due to holidays, at night, or on weekends? It is necessary to follow some safety measures. Consider taking the following steps.

7.   Use a lighting timer to make the property look crowded.

If you’ve an office event or Christmas party, avoid advertising on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Scammers are constantly peeking for opportunities. Advertising on social media can put you at risk.

8.   Schedule your employees and deliveries

No company wants to stop doing business during COVID-19. Many companies will still have deliveries, and employees will occasionally travel to work. Remember to create a schedule for the employees with guidelines that allow social distancing and deliveries can continue in optimal conditions.

9.   Protect the environment of your business premises.

Is your company have an external boundary, a wall, or a fence? Make sure it is suitable. Also, consider installing barbed wire on the wall or fence to go one step further.

Keep stairs, tools, or rolling compartments clean, making it difficult for potential thieves to gain access to your property.

In urban areas? All entrances are illuminated with motion sensors, and passersby are alerted to any attempted robbery.

10.                Make use of other smart devices too.

Smart devices can help you keep things running even when you’re not there. Use smart thermostats to control the temperature remotely or light controllers. It helps you to make sure there is light at the right time. Smart locks can also be a cost-effective approach to open or close your locks remotely.

Choose strong locks that provide a high level of protection. It is often counterproductive for some business owners who try to install locks themselves or save money using cheaper options. It is always advisable to use a professional locksmith Tampa near you in Tampa bay.

Wrapping up

With the help of the above tips from the checklist, you can better protect your company while you are away in these uncertain times.

Your business is your precious investment. It’s important to protect your business assets from those trying to steal from you. When it comes to business assets, you need to do everything you can to keep the bad guys out.

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