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What to do in the face of the terrible nightmare of the broken key in your lock?

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One of the most common situations that can happen, especially in old security locks, is a broken key. It usually happens due to little maintenance, no lubrication, and a not very resistant material of the key or its age. In most cases, the key breaks when trying to open the door lock forcefully and hastily.

Material that can be useful to extract a broken key.

In situations of extreme stress, it can be difficult for us to keep an inventory of our assets. When reading about thin metals or phosphors, it’s understandable that similar materials can be difficult to extract. So here are a few things you may have or near you that will help you get your key out of the lock.

  • Metal hair clip
  • Bobby Pin
  • Paper Clip
  • Safety pin
  • Button pin
  • First aid kits
  • Emergency box
  • Swiss army knife
  • Play cards
  • Pocket knife
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Roller

How to extract a broken key from the lock?

If the lock was closed when this mishap happens, and you can see the broken end, try lubricating the lock with a little oil and have eyebrow pliers handy. For this, you will probably have to ask a neighbor for help, but it is a good solution if you have patience and some help.

If you cannot access that extreme or difficult task, try a magnet with some power. The more, the better, of course, since it will attract the piece with greater force.

In the event that the end of the key has broken while the lock is open or that it can be opened from the inside, you will have to disassemble the cylinder. If you have experience, it will not be that difficult, but it is generally recommended that you have good information on hand.

To remove the bowler, you may need to insert the end that you have left in your hand and gently turn the light bulb, pushing it outward. Once outside, it will be good to lubricate (you can use cooking oil) to help slide the piece of a broken key inside the cylinder.

From the other end, with a thick sewing needle, paperclip, or something you can insert to push in the key, be careful not to jam it further.

How to solve when the situation is complicated with your key?

If you still don’t have the expected result despite the effort, the next step would be to hit the cylinder with the help of a hammer, hitting the opposite side of the stuck key, since this will keep it in the direction of the ground hit dry.

If you don’t see yourself as having enough expertise to get it, don’t be anxious. Keep calm. As there is nothing more important about you than maintaining your sanity. Call your trusted locksmith, tell them it’s an emergency, and provide as much information as possible such as type or brand of lock and door. It will be better prepared to save you time and discomfort.

If you’ve insurance that covers these types of repairs, get in touch with them. Besides, request that they send a locksmith 24 hours a day, avoiding the financial expenses of hiring a private individual. They will take longer, yes. In case you need to open the door urgently because you are in a hurry or have a special need as minors in the property, our advice is to turn to a locksmith who can come promptly and prioritize your case. The price will not be too high, and it will compensate if you are not distressed for an hour or two.

If you broke your car door key in a hurry, don’t freak out. Call our auto Locksmith Land O Lake to get back soon into your normal life.

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